H & S Policy

GAPL is engaged in the service provision of “Training on Diploma, PG Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management, Health Safety Environment, Technical, Vocational & Vocational Courses” are committed to demonstrate continual improvement in our occupational health & safety performance.

To achieve this, we shall commit to:

  1. Create awareness among all employees & Students or individuals on H & S measures through training and educational workshops;
  2. Establishing and reviewing H & S Objectives and targets.
  3. Developing and implementing management structures and procedures.
  4. Monitoring and evaluating and continually improving our H & S Performance.
  5. Ensure involvement and active participation of all the employees & Students or individuals.
  6. Comply with applicable H & S compliance obligations to which we subscribe.
  7. Build customer focused organization.
  8. Continually review of our service provision process and work practices with focus on Health & safety protection.
  9. Making each team member accountable for H & S Matters.
  10. Exercising integrity and respect in dealing with each other.

Communicating this policy to all stakeholders, provide training, encouraging behavior that upholds this policy.        

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