Complaints and Appeals Policy

  1. As part of GROWTH ACADEMY PVT. LTD.’s commitment to providing a fair, safe and productive learning environment, and students or individuals seeking to enroll, have the right to lodge a grievance if they believe they have been treated in a manner which is likely to have an unreasonable negative impact on them.


  1. Grievances will be managed equitably, fairly, and in a confidential and timely manner. Every attempt will be made to ensure that complainants and respondents are protected from victimization and discrimination in any of the stages described in the procedure.


  1. Grievances may be of an academic or non-academic nature;
    1. Academic grievances relate to;
      1. Student or individuals learning materials and resources
      2. Assessment tools, methods and processes
      3. Outcome of assessment processes
      4. Training delivery methods
      5. Quality of training staff
    2. Non-academic grievances may relate to;
      1. Administrative processes
      2. Customer service related issues
      3. Fees and charges
      4. Any other issues not directly related to training delivery and assessment
  2. Informal processes will be used to resolve issues where possible and prior to initiating formal or external grievance processes.
  3. The respondent to a grievance has the right to respond to the matters raised.
  4. Students or individuals raising a formal grievance has the right to lodge an appeal and students or individuals will have their enrolment maintained while the grievance procedure is ongoing.


Complaints and Appeals Procedures

(Academic and Non-Academic)


Stage 1: Informal Complaint or grievance

In the event of a complaint or grievance, the client is required to follow the following procedures to ensure the issue is resolved.



If a student or individuals wishes to lodge a complaint they should raise their concerns as soon as possible.



The staff member who receives the complaint should determine, as far as possible,

What the complainant wants to achieve; they may wish, for example, simply want to have their point of view heard; or they may wish to take the complaint further.



If the student or individuals feels unable to approach the concerned authority or are not

Satisfied with the initial response to their grievance, they should then take their complaint to the next, more formal level.

Stage 2: Formal complaint or grievance



Where an informal complaint cannot be resolved, the student must bring the matter to the attention of;

  • their trainer, or
  • the GAPL administration staff, or
  • the GAPL training manager
  • the GAPL Directors



The student or individuals is required to lodge their complaint in writing. A “Student or individuals Complaint

Form” is available on request from GAPL administration staff. The student or individuals must;



a. Fill out all required details on the form and attached any relevant




b. Submit the form to Growth Academy Pvt. Ltd. via the contact section of the website or email ( or postal address provided on the form.

2.3       All internal investigations of complaints, reviews and appeals are provided at no cost

To the complainant.

                   2.4       Student or individuals can also lodge a complaint to NEBOSH and will be solved as per NEBOSH complaint procedure. Student can visit Website: or mail to


Stage 3: Internal review


Investigation of the complaint or grievance



Upon receiving the student’s completed Student Complaint Form GAPL staff will investigate the student’s claim.



The initial investigation will conclude with a recommended course of action that

Specifically addresses the grievance within five (5) working days of receipt of the complaint.



Where necessary a meeting between complainant and any other stakeholders

Involved will be arranged to endeavor to resolve the matter.



Where such a meeting takes place, Growth Academy Pvt. Ltd. agrees that the

Complainant may be accompanied and assisted by a third party.



Where the matter cannot be resolved by relevant staff member, the company Director

May be asked to assist in the resolution process.






A written statement documenting the outcome of the complaint, including details of

The decision made, will be provided to the complainant within five (5) working days of the resolution being determined or as agreed to between both parties.

A written statement documenting the outcome of the complaint including the details

Of the reasons for the outcome will be provided to the complainant and kept on record for continuous improvement processes.







Growth Academy Pvt. Ltd. seeks to prevent appeals by ensuring clients are satisfied with the training and assessment process. All staff are expected to be fair, courteous and helpful in all dealing with clients. Should a complaint never the less be made, this will be treated seriously, investigated thoroughly and dealt with according to the merit of the complaint.




Stage 4: Appeals and external review


Should a complainant not agree with the complaint resolution, an appeal may be lodged;


If the aggrieved party is dissatisfied with the resolution, they have the right to

Appeal. Appeals must be made within twenty one (21) days of receiving the complaint resolution. The circumstances of any appeal are analyzed by an independent senior manager of Growth Academy Pvt. Ltd. (this person will have no previous connection or involvement with the original complaint). A written statement documenting the outcome of the appeal will be provided to the complainant within five (5) working days of receipt of the appeal.


Should the student or individuals continue to be dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint and appeal they may request that matter be referred to an external dispute resolution process by a body appointed for this purpose. The details for the external body are;



Ph: 9265928759                           



    1. process of external dispute resolution has associated costs and it is recommended that complainants inquire about this liability prior to progressing to this stage. Growth Academy Pvt. Ltd. can provide details of this cost upon inquiry. Upon resolution Growth Academy Pvt. Ltd. will take the necessary steps to implement any recommendations arising from the external dispute resolution process within ten (10) working days.




Record keeping


.1 A full and detailed record of the complaint process, including all documentation and meeting minutes will be kept on the student file. Documented records are maintained by GROWTH ACADEMY PVT. LTD. for a period of no less than five (5) years.


.2      Records can be accessed by the student or individuals by written request


.3      All student or individuals records are confidential and private.







GAPL’s complaints and appeals policies and procedures is made available and published by way of;


.1      Growth Academy Pvt. Ltd. Student handbook


.2      AT website;



  1. Communication of policy and procedures


    1. at Growth Academy Pvt. Ltd. are provided with all policies and procedures relating to the operations. Professional Development workshops are conducted at least twice per annum where staff are included in the development and review of materials and documents such as this ‘Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure’.
    1. the development and/or update of any company policy, all staff are provided with notification of the update and the specific details of purpose and changes.

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