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growth academy DCA(Diploma in Computer Application) Click to Know More
Fundamental of Computer, Windows XP/Windows 7,Virus Problem and Solutions,MS-Office 2003,MS Word,MS Excel,MS Power Point, MS Access(Database),Overview of Latest MS Office-2010,MS DOS,Multimedia(Entertainment),Introduction HTML, Introduction to Networking-New!!,Computer Maintenance-New!!,Internet(Web browsing,downloading,Email,Searching)
Duration:5/6 Months
growth academy DFA(Tally)
Introduction to Manual Accounting,Tally 9.0 or Latest,Accounting,Accounting Master,Company,Group,Voucher Entry,Final Accounts,Inventory Item,Inventory Master,Purchase/sales order and Invoice,Budget,Reports,TDS,VAT,Service Tax,Pay Slip-New!!!,Advance Future of Tally,Multiple Currency and Foreign exchange,Internet Capabilities(email,web publishing,web browser),Import and Export of data,Backup and Restore,Security in Tally.
Duration:3 Months
growth academy DTP(Diploma in Desktop Publishing)
Pagemaker 7.0,Corel Draw X4,Photoshop CS2,With Real Life Projects.
Duration:3 Months
growth academyADIT(Advance Diploma In Information)
1st Semester-same as DCA
2nd Semester Tally,DTP.
growth academyADCA(Advance Diploma in Computer Application)
1st Semester-same as DCA.
Second semester Programming Fundamentals,Programming in C, Programming in C++, Data Structure ,Introduction in Java.
growth academyACA(Advance Computer Accountant)
first module-Tally
second module
Payroll,Payslip, Employee group,Multiple employee groups,Payroll Vouchers,Payroll reports,Pay sheet,Payroll statement,Payroll Advice,Visa Expiring,Loan Management in Tally
TDS,TCS,Serviceb Tax,Central Sales Tax(CST),FBT,VAT With Different States,VAT Classification,VAT Ledger Creation
Introduction to Tally ERP
growth academyDAC(Diploma in Auto CAD)
Introduction to Computer drawings Corel Draw 14 Introduction to Auto CAD
Drawing advance Sketching (Arcs,Rectangle,Ellipse,Polygonal,etc) ,Working with drawing Aids,Editing sketched objects,Working with text & tables,Dimension and various kinds in CAD,Template drawing,plotting drawings,Hatching drawings,Block, Projects-1
Drawing 3D drawing & Modeling,Technical drawing,Solid Models,Mesh modeling,Animation design,Isometric design,The user coordinate, Projects-11
growth academyAuto CAD 2013 syllabus (2D & 3D Both)
2D Drafting 2D Drafting Advance 3D Modeling
Line Colour Box
Arc Linetype Cylinder
Circle Transparency Sphere
Ellipse Insert block Torus
Polyline Match Wedge
Rectangle Multiple text Cone
Hatch Annotation Pyramid
Spline Dimension Extrude
Polygon Dim style manager Viewports in tab
Construction line List Revolve
Ray Units  Sweep
Multiple points Layout (paper/model space) Loft
Divide Design center Helix
Measure Page setup Management Press
Gradient Multileader Pull
Boundary Leader modify  Polysplid
Region Draw order Union
Regen Paper space Subtract
Revision cloud Model space  Intersect
Wipeout Distance  Interfere
Donut Angle Orbit
Move Arc Slice
Copy Volume Visual style/view
Rotate Limits View cube
Stretch Grid  3D scale
Scale Snap 3D Mirror
Offset Osnap 3D align
Mirror Snap override 3D Array
Trim Osnap traking 3D Rotate
Extend Modify properaties Thicken
Erase Annotational scale Extrude faces
Explode Plot scale Extract edge
Polar array Grips Separate
Rectangular array Vertex 3D Polyline
Path array Attributes Section plane
Fillet External reference Flatshot
Chamfer Isometric and Iso circle Steering wheel
Lengthen Annotional monitor 3D object snap
Edit hatch Interactive command line Fillet edges
Align Geometric parameters Chamfer edges
Break Dimensional parameters Taper face
Breat at point Annotational parameter Offset face
Dimspace Auto dexk 360 Imprint
Join Tolerance Filters in 3D
Groups Introduction to LISP Shell
Layer filters Parameter manager gizmo
Layer translator -- --
Layer -- --